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Talking about talking about sex
are we talking about sex yet

Trying to make me feel guilty
trying to make me feel guilty

untitled 01

Where my heart used to be
where my heart used to be

Fools envy reptiles
fools envy reptiles

Hiearchy of eunuchs
hierarchy of enuchs

Shit drawing
shit drawing

untitled 02

Fuck the rodents
fuck the rodents

untitled 03

Workers unite
workers unite

Freebase creation
freebase creation

It's ok the be mediocre
it’s ok to be mediocre

Stop boring me
stop boring me

Welcome to average
welcome to average

I'm making art
i’m making art

Love me fuck me
love me fuck me

Over again
over again

The world likes watching
the world likes watching

Grain of sand
grain of sand

Pretty boy corporate slave
pretty boy corporate slave

Seriousness of pussy
seriousness of pussy

Welcome to my empire
welcome to my empire

Lusting for the phoenix
lusting for the phoenix

Numbs my loins
numbs my loins

This is freedom
this is freedom

untitled 03

A man who has time
a man who has time

Art yes art
art yes art

Christ within me
christ within me


I dig holes for a living
i dig holes for a living

untitled 04

Young and keen
young and keen