Page 55 (drawings from 2010)

Stop being fucked
stop being f’d

Style is substance
style is substance

untitled 01

untitled 02

Believe in yourself
believe in yourself

Sear on this here bible
swear on this here bible

When it all came apart
when it all comes apart

Jenny Holzer
jenny holzer

Life without you
life without you

List as long as your arm
list a long as your arm

Oh shit and fuck
oh shit and f

Double soy douchbag latte
double soy douchebag

Moment of clarity
moment of clarity

Sex convinience others
sex convenience others

All life is prayer
life is prayer

Easter island statue
easter island

Harmonious fucking infusion
harmonius f’ing infusion

Watch your irrelevance
watch your irrelevance

Fucked until I'm dead
f’d until i’m dead

Lifeline of hope
lifeline of hope

Project all my insecutities
project all my insecurities

Tap dancing
tap dancing

Desperate measures
desperate measures

History of the internet
history of the internet

Work feels like play
work feels like play

Your sorry ass
your sorry ass

Agency social objects
agency social objects

Final death prayer
final death prayer

Straightforward kindness
straightforward kindness

untitled 03

Bad decisions
bad decisions

Fucking email
f’ing email

Pothead artist dork
pothead artist dork

With despair
with despair

Had I Known (2011)

Had I known

Page 54 (drawings from 2008-2010)

Defined by my asshole
defined by my asshole

untitled 01

untitled 02

Usefull interesting blurry
useful interesting blurry

Biography bookshop inc
biography bookshop

Dick where his brain used to be
dick where his brain used to be

Lame joke
lame joke

untitled 03

Decay decay decay
decay decay decay

untitled 04

untitled 05

Value add
value add

Don Henleys
don henley’s

untitled 06

untitled 07

Very foreign movie
very foreign movie

At least a fucking try
at leat i fucking try

Electric holy
electric holy

Remained elusive
remained elusive

untitled 08

Fear and joy
fear and joy

He'd never be poor again
he’d never be poor again

untitled 09

untitled 10


Fucking boring
fucking boring

Light of light
light of light

Death of culture
death of culture

Peg- Steely Dan
peg -steely dan

Surely there's more to life
surly there’s more to life

Warm cup of piss
warm cup of piss

Killing advertsing
killing advertising

untitled 11

untitled 12


untitled 13

The early New York drawings…

[Photograph of three of the original business-card sized New York drawings, c. 1997-1998.]

This is where it all began. If you’re going to read one thing on this website, I suggest that you click on the link above and read all about the early New York genesis of the business-card cartoons, thanks.