Page 61 (drawings from 1998)

Profound truth lying
profound truth

Success hasn't changed me
success hasn’t changed me

Too much masturbation
too much masturbation

untitled 01

I wanted to be a celebrity, but instead I just got a job in the movie industry.
i wanted to be a celbrity

Appalled by recent events`
appalled by recent events

Dave was his name
dave was his name

Her memory was replaced
her memory was replaced

His words and his actions
his words and his actions

I have New York
i have new york

Looking for true love
looking for true love

Media parties
media parties

Two whole weeks
two whole weeks

untitled 02

untitled 03

Value mouthwash
value mouthwash

Alien sex organ
alien sex organ

For a reason
for a reason

Me me me
me me me

My little universe
my little universe