Page 95 (drawings from 2000)

Jokes about hollywood
making jokes about hollywood

Lack the microchip
lack the microchip

New York L.A.
new york/LA

Not a nice person
not a nice person

The greater the bar
the greater the bar


Being older
advantages of being older

I wish I had your tits
i wish i had your tits

Me trying to sleep with her
me trying to sleep with her

Mindless enthusiasm
mindless enthusiasm

Only help artists
to only help artists

untitled 01

Angry drone
class warrior

Document our lives
independent movie

New York is for lovers
new york is for lovers

So hungover
i was so hungover

The well has run dry
the well has run dry

Trick to New York
the trick to new york

Wanna be saved
my name’s jesus

You're not helping
i came here to be inspired


Doing it to be an asshole
i wasn’t doing it for the money

Middle-aged woman
middle aged woman

Pussy pussy pussy
pussy pussy

We've got dotcom
we’ve got dotcom


Everything was good
everything was good

I'm fucked
randy’s business card

Let me kiss your ass
let me kiss your ass

Losing my hair
losing my hair

Really fucking boring
let’s be really fucking boring

Another drunk
another drunk

If you wanted your opinion
if you wanted your opinion

Insane rant
insane rant

I want to sing
i want to sing

Art is all I have
art is all i have

Bars and like women
bars are like women

Heard your bullshit
I’ve heard your bullshit

Must be the real thing
it’ only our second date