Page 105 (undated drawings c. 2002-2006)



Bits and pieces

Blogs are my life

Come the revolution

Dirty bitch

Dramatic moment

I'm blogging this

Impressive range of human experience

Industial egosystem

I want to be a trophy

Markets are conversations

Metaphor kinda sorta

More more better better

Next batch

Organic passion

The ad biz

The device

The deviceThe device is "drawing on the back of business cards." A device allows you to focus, to remove. The superfluous.... The device is both limited and liberated by the form it takes.

The visionary




What's in it for me asshole

Winer doc joi denton

Blogs cure cancer

Bored of blogging


Diet cooke n' lime

End to end

Excuse to be unfaithful

Fun sounding job titles



How come nobody reads my blog

If God didn't make it

Kinda dirty

Love is not enough

Mission from God

More quality time

Most innovation is unrewarded

Mr. Excitment

New company morph action


Pretend to love my job



The Beatles


Tried to give up drinking




Wasn't easy being a genius

What Cinderella got

Your job no longer exists

Your soul